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Since 1934, Clayton has built more than 1.5 million structures. Today, we're the nation's leader, building 30,000 commercial, single and multi-family, military and mixed-use structures a year. More »

About Us

Clayton's expertise spans the spectrum. From commercial, military, educational and multi-family housing to modular, single-family homes, we offer our clients a flexible and simplified building process with lower overhead and design costs. More »

Modular Building

Modular building offers you more design and construction flexibility and is far more efficient than site-built construction, which is weather-dependent, more expensive, and requires you to manage several subcontractors. Clayton can work from your designs, or design a structure around your needs and location — in 50% less time and for less money. More »


Clayton builds buildings that build business, and that starts with listening to your needs. No matter the size of your structure, from a hotel to retail and office space, we can build to your specific needs and location. More »


Clayton builds custom spaces people can't wait to come home to. And we do so in weeks, not months — and for less money — giving you faster occupancy and quicker revenues. In fact, we deliver your structure nearly complete and ready for occupancy 30% to 50% faster than conventional building processes allow. More »


At Clayton, we proudly support our men and women in uniform. We help with our Country's efforts to upgrade military housing and improve the quality of life for our troops by providing first class facilities at a reasonable price for the taxpayers. We have provided over 600,000 square feet of living space for over 2,800 soldiers at multiple military bases throughout the country on time and on budget. More »

Manufacturing Locations

From east to west, Clayton's modern manufacturing facilities cover the country, guaranteeing you quicker turnaround time and reduced cost. More »

Contact Us

Whether you're building big or small, from your own designs or ones that we create for you, Clayton will take a thoughtful approach to your project. Fill us in on your current needs and we'll help with answers. More »

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